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NobraControl 4.1 für Windows

The new version with support also for the new circuit design since May 2022

Please just download the programme and test it, runs even without connected digital controller!

To connect to the Digital Controller for the first time, switch it on and click the ‘bluetooth’ button in the NobraControl programme. This will open a window with search results of nearby Bluetooth devices, please select ‘NobraControl’ from this list.

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New phone number 05522-1299909

Finally broadband connection with fast internet for us too! 🙂 In the course of this there was now also a new landline with a new phone number, 05522-1299909 (or +49-5522-1299909 for calls from abroad). The old number, 05522-314078, could not be taken over and will be switched off on March 11. From then on you can reach us only under the new number, 05522-1299909, or mobile with the number 01743720601 (from abroad +49-1743720601).

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NobraControl update 3.1

This is the latest version 3.1 of the control software for the digital controller:

Please just download the program and test it, it also runs without connected digital controller!

To connect to the digital controller for the first time, switch it on and click the button ‘bluetooth’ in the NobraControl program. This opens a window with search results of nearby Bluetooth devices, from this list please select ‘NobraControl’. Answer the following pin request with 1-2-3-4. The connection to the Digital control unit will be established automatically at subsequent program starts.

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Velvet Veronica is testing Nobra twincharger

“Soft Femdom Goddess” Velvet Veronica is famous for her delightful games with and on her ‘pet’, most recently in a series of toy tests on We were very happy to provide our twincharger on request, of course, it made the best impression by far. The special challenge for the pet under treatment by the twincharger with Veronica on the controller: Can ‘the pet’ hold back its orgasm?

Unfortunately, in view of the youth protection regulations, we cannot link this video here. But you can easily find Veronica on and the video with the twincharger test is titled “punished – post orgasm torture” (from which you can already guess that the pet probably didn’t pass the challenge, punishment must be 😉 ). The video is not only amusing, but also provides extensive information about our supertoy for men, the twincharger.

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Wie verändert sich unser Sexleben und damit auch die Gesellschaft durch Netzpornos, Dating-Apps, Sex-Toys und käuflichen Sex? Sexualtherapeutin Frau Dr. Heike Melzer beleuchtet messerscharf diese brisanten Entwicklungen ungeahnten Ausmaßes und plädiert für einen bewussten Umgang mit den neuen Superstimuli, um nicht die Handlungshoheit an tieferliegende archaische Hirnregionen zu verlieren, in denen ‘Vernunft’ keine Rolle spielt.

Auch unsere besonders leistungsstarken Vibratoren und Pulsatoren sind Superstimulatoren, mit denen man und frau nicht leichtfertig umgehen sollten, daher möchten wir Euch diese nebenbei hochspannende und kurzweilige Lektüre sehr empfehlen!

Erscheint am 30.August im Verlag Klett-Cotta, hier der link zur Buchvorstellung und zum Vorbestellen:

(Auf ‘Google-books’ findet Ihr jetzt schon Leseproben, u.a. auch die Seiten, auf denen es um unsere Sachen geht. Ganz leicht aufzustöbern per Google-Suche z.B. mit den Suchbegriffen ‘Scharfstellung twincharger’)

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New shop!

Long overdue, a new shop software!

Finally encrypted and suitable for mobile devices, for a secure and comfortable surfing and ordering experience on our pages. Along almost two decades the fourth, and certainly not last change of our Internet presence. Our notorious urge to ‘do it yourself’ has prevented us from leaving this important task to professionals, so it may well happen that you come across flaws at one point or another. We are grateful for any information about errors, please contact us if you notice anything!

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‘Nobra’s Silicone Dreams’ are finally the powerful vibrators and beautiful dildos you always wanted!

Its strong and sturdy 12 Volt drive produces an extremely stimulating and orgasmic vibration almost inaudibly silent, which you could not even closely experience with conventional vibrators.

Based on lovingly modeled models, we give them a seamless and mirror-like surface in an elaborate crafting process whose slipperiness is second to none.

Their bodies feel wonderfully elastic and warm, because we manufacture our vibrators and dildos massively, only from the best, unrestrictedly compatible and odorless silicone.

At the same time they are visually a feast for the senses with their shiny appearance in effective colors, an aesthetic pleasure in every respect!