Vibrators, pulsators, dildos, pegs – Nobras Silicone Dreams

Nobras Silicone Dreams’ are exclusively handmade sextoys in outstanding quality for a truly satisfying sensual experience!

This promise is not an illusion, but is directly fulfilled by the unique characteristics of our products, which can be understood concretely as an alternative to the thousand-fold, but always insufficient supply of conventional industrial production.

Their strong and robust 12 volt drive produces a powerful, extremely stimulating vibration at low revs, virtually inaudible, in contrast to the high-speed, “jingling” and noisy characteristics of conventional vibrators.

The innovative dual motor interference principle of our top models opens up a whole new dimension of pulsating stimuli with overwhelming orgasmic power.

Lovingly modeled templates in classic and unusual shapes make a wide range of models for a variety of applications in which you will find your favorite.

Their body feels wonderfully elastic and warm, because our vibrators and dildos are produced massively, without cheap fillers only from the best, fully body-compatible and odorless silicone and give them in an elaborate handcrafted process a seamless and mirror-like surface whose slipperiness is second to none.

At the same time they are visually a feast for the senses with their shiny appearance in effectful colors, an aesthetic pleasure in every respect!

Development, production and sales all from a single source, the direct sales is also the only way to keep our things relatively affordable. There are delivery times depending on the current order volume, so order now to get your new toy as soon as possible!