For the regulation and power supply of our vibrators you need an external control part! As standard equipment, we provide the analog controller, as it is specified as the default choice in the equipment option and includes a plug-in power supply. Batteries (eight cells of AA-size) can be used as an alternative power supply.

vibrator analog controller + plug-in power supply

If you have not already received such a controller with a previous delivery from us, you should select the option ‘Analog controller’ or ‘Digital controller’ for the equipment when purchasing.

For a digital control that can replace the analog controller and has a lot of functionality, the surcharge on the total price is 60, – €.

The digital controller is already equipped with a power adapter, but can also be operated by eight Mignon-cell batteries.

Only for further orders, the option ‘without controller’ is recommended, in which the total price is 35, – € lower, because the new vibrator can be operated with an existing analog or digital control part, simply replug. Attention, regulators from earlier years, about before 2004, still have a barrel connector socket, which is not compatible with today’s models!