The digital control section for all Nobra vibrators ‘NobraControl’!

The fully electronic ‘NobraControl’ allows a highly variable rhythmic control via touch buttons, as well as via bluetooth the connection and control through the computer, mobile / smartphone and over the Internet.

The variable parameters for the touch-key-controlled pulsation are its wavelength and amplitude, as well as the change between the waveforms ‘Rectangle’, ‘Sinewave’, ‘Sawtooth left’ and ‘Sawtooth right’. In addition, up to three more complex ‘stimulation sequences’ can be retrieved. For these stimulation sequences, the software NobraControl 4.1  provides an editor, via which a completely free programming and then storage in the internal memory of the digital control part can be made. Other modules of the software ‘NobraControl 4.1‘ allow further refined control options, i.a. e.g. also the control over sound.

Digitalregler NobraControl

The NobraControl digital controller can be ordered as an equipment option for all Nobra vibrators and also individually for retrofitting:

Connection and Power On:

Connect the vibrator’s cable and the power adapter to their respective jacks on the
control unit.
Switch on the vibrator by turning the switch to position ‘II’ (position ‘I’ may be used if batteries are inserted).

Adjusting the Vibration:
Use the control knob to adjust the intensity of the vibration.
For Interference Pulsators, the two additional knobs along the cable allow you to
influence the pulsating interference effect by differential control of the two motors.
Controlling Vibration with Touch Buttons:
The digital control unit has touch buttons to overlay the vibration with rhythmic
Use the touch buttons for the following functions (from left to right when looking at
the LED):
o Button I: Increases the pulse width.
o Button 2: Decreases the pulse width.
o Button 3: Reduces the distance between Min and Max.
o Button 4: Increases the distance between Min and Max. (The default setting of
NobraControl is steady vibration, e.g. pulsation at 0; use Button 4 first several
times to achieve pulsation of the vibration)
o Buttons 1 + 2 pressed together: Switches pulse form (Sinus, Sawtooth Left,
Sawtooth Right, Rectangle).
o Buttons 1 + 3 pressed together: Saves the current settings for the next restart.
o Buttons 3 + 4 pressed together: Retrieves three pre-programmed sequences.
o Buttons 1 + 4 pressed together: Switches between Bluetooth-visible or –
invisible mode (takes effect on the next power-on, indicated by red LED).
o Buttons 2 + 3 pressed together: Pauses the vibration

Computer control:

8. Connecting to Computer via Bluetooth (digital control only):
 Install and launch the “NobraControl 4.1” app on Windows.
 Turn on the digital controller and click the “Bluetooth” button in the app.
 Select “NobraControl” from the list of discovered Bluetooth devices and click
 NobraControl 4.1 will automatically start with this connection in the future.