The digital control section for all Nobra vibrators ‘NobraControl’!

The fully electronic ‘NobraControl’ allows a highly variable rhythmic control via touch buttons, as well as via bluetooth the connection and control through the computer, mobile / smartphone and over the Internet.

The variable parameters for the touch-key-controlled pulsation are its wavelength and amplitude, as well as the change between the waveforms ‘Rectangle’, ‘Sinewave’, ‘Sawtooth left’ and ‘Sawtooth right’. In addition, up to three more complex ‘stimulation sequences’ can be retrieved. For these stimulation sequences, the software NobraControl 3.0 provides an editor, via which a completely free programming and then storage in the internal memory of the digital control part can be made.

Other modules of the software ‘NobraControl 3.0’ allow further refined control options, i.a. e.g. also the control over sound. The ‘traviesadora’ software is used to control via the Internet. Bluetooth also allows easy remote control (about 12 m range) via app on smartphone or mobile phone.

Digitalregler NobraControl

The NobraControl digital controller can be ordered as an equipment option for all Nobra vibrators and also individually for retrofitting:


Turn on the NobraControl on ‘I’. (There is a delay of about 5 seconds at power-up until the control LED changes from red to green (vice versa in ‘bluetooth invisible mode’, see below) and the vibration starts. When an AC adapter is connected, the power supply is automatically and uninterrupted switched from battery to power supply mode.)

The rotary control adjusts the overall intensity of the rhythmic pulsation of the vibration manually generated via the touch-buttons or computer control.

Tap-button control in stand-alone mode. From left to right looking at the LED:

Button I extends the pulse width

Button 2 shortens pulse width

button 3 decreases distance min max

Button 4 increases distance Min Max (The default setting of the Min-Max distance (the amplitude of the pulsating rhythm) is set to 0 for a uniform vibration at startup, so after first powering on this button first operate to achieve a pulsation)

Buttons 1 + 2 pressed together toggle the pulse shape: sine, sawtooth left, sawtooth right, rectangle

Pressing keys 1 + 3 together will save the current setting for the next reboot (LED briefly flashes orange) From now on, the NobraControl will let the vibrator start at exactly that rhythm when it is switched on)

Buttons 3 + 4 together retrieve three stored, previously programmable sequences on the computer sequentially

Switch buttons 1 + 4 together to switch between bluetooth visible or invisible mode. Switching will only take effect the next time you switch on: visible mode indicated by green light, invisible red light mode

Computer control:

You can connect to the computer via Bluetooth. To do this, switch on the NobraControl and use the Bluetooth Manager to search for the device and establish a connection. Pin: 1-2-3-4 (changeable via windows PC software)

The control of the vibrator can now be taken over by the computer.

As programs are available:

‘NobraControl 3.0’ with rhythm and sound control modules and pacing sequences.

NobraControl 3.0 Rhythm and Sound download: NobraControl 3.0 (1406 downloads)

Traviesadora internet remote control with chat.

Traviesadora chat download: Traviesadora (569 downloads)