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NobraControl 4.1 für Windows

The new version with support also for the new circuit design since May 2022

Please just download the programme and test it, runs even without connected digital controller!

To connect to the Digital Controller for the first time, switch it on and click the ‘bluetooth’ button in the NobraControl programme. This will open a window with search results of nearby Bluetooth devices, please select ‘NobraControl’ from this list.

3 thoughts on “NobraControl 4.1 für Windows

  1. I haven’t been able to get my Nobra Digital Control to connect via Bluetooth to anything, 2 android devices, 6 different Windows PCs, multiple Bluetooth dongles, 2 Linux machines, nothing. And despite my multiple queries for any help at all, Nobra has not replied at all. At this point, I assume that the Bluetooth hasn’t worked in their devices and they’re aware of it, but aren’t able to fix it so have just been ignoring the issue.

    1. Hello James,

      sorry, I have not recognized your multiple queries for help at all, that is why you never received an answer.

      Bluetooth works in our devices since 2010, and got multiple updates in both hard- and software since then, to keep it up and running.

      Maybe you tried connecting by the control panels of the respective operating systems? That wont work.

      Please try connecting via the button ‘bluetooth’ within the nobracontrol app for windows, not via the windows controlpanel! For android, please install the ‘Intiface Central’ app from google play store. Intiface Central is available for windows and ios as well and is especially interesting, as it is an open source project connecting all different kinds and brands of computer controllable sextoys.

      Hope this will help!

      1. I can confirm that I’ve got the Bluetooth working with the NobraConnect 4.1 on windows.

        No luck with Initface though (I think the latest version doesn’t currently support it, on an older version I can get initface to see the Nobra, but not control it). This could well be problems my end!

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